Photo Credit: Meagan Nicole Photography

Artist Statement

As an artist I have learned that there is no easy road, and so I typically choose the road less traveled. I grew up as a ballet dancer trapped in a modern dancer’s body, working harder than the rest to understand concepts and apply them to my movement. I am a visual artist, learning movement by absorbing first, and feeling second. Likewise, as a choreographer and filmmaker, I dream movement, story-boarding pictures in my head before conceptualizing them in space. 

I am inspired by human relationships, human interaction, and how we connect. How is it possible to live in such a large world and constantly be reveled by the smallness? Does every action create a reaction and how does that relate to the pathway of one’s life? These are questions I constantly seek to investigate in my movement, while bridging the communication between the artist and the audience.

I strive to create and project engaging, captivating, intellectual work. I find working with film, projections and multi-media, one more extension of dance that can reach an audience effectively. I also believe that collaboration is a great tool in the creative process. I believe two minds are better than one, and ultimately can produce a more effective rapport between the choreographer, dancers, and creative team, leading to a better result in the performance.

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